My father was a banker and mother worked in the Indian Government. We were a happy family of 4 until one day I lost my dad to an accident. My mother did all that a mother could do to nurture us and provide for us. Now my mother tells that there were days when she had to borrow money from her friends to make ends meet. Imagine the horrors of not having enough money in a month to feed your children. This is not my sob story, but this context is important to understand the conclusion.

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My parents always taught…

Passion can move mountains. Over the years, the most passionate people are the ones who made any impact in this world. How do you think the pyramids, the colosseum, and the Taj Mahal were built?

Some of the greatest product creators were passionate about the problem they were solving and the solutions they had to offer. Look at the 1st gen iPhone, Ford Model T, Google search, Uber, or Office. Some of these products touch billions of users and most make billions of dollars. Do we think any of these products were built without passion?

Magic happens when passion meets…

I have been harping on the aspect of time management in many blogs. One important aspect of time management is also keeping your introduction short & crisp to help you lead the interview.


Stats show that only 10% of the viewers will read this blog till the end therefore a 1 min video to save you time.

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One key aspect of your interview is your introduction. If done well, it can change the course of your interview and you can lead your interview from the beginning. …

There is so much advice on the internet on how to ace your interview. We also need to start looking at the other side of the table. What tips and tricks do we have for the interviewers? How can senior managers help find the right candidate for their organization.

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So let us see how can we not suck at taking interviews.

1. Treat exactly how you wish to be treated

The person interviewing with you is a little anxious, a little nervous, has expectations, and wants to put his or her best foot forward. With all of this going on, all that one needs is a little stewardship. …

In one of my earlier blogs, I talked about the 4 key ingredients of enjoying work:

  1. Shipping Customer Value
  2. Shipping Business Value
  3. Learning
  4. Team / Culture

Today I wanted to talk about Culture. Especially what happens when culture goes bad.

Simply put, work culture is collective behavior of people. In other words, given a situation, how would most of the members of a team or an organization behave. Each individual has his or her own belief system, values, rationales and that is what makes us as a whole. Our beliefs and values also shape how we react to different situations…

For those of you who are Avengers fans, you would remember the movie Iron Man (2008). You may also remember Mark 1, the first suit that the millionaire maverick Tony Stark built for himself.

The purpose of this blog is to help explain how to write a functional spec. The product we will keep in focus is Tony Stark’s first Iron Man suit, Mark 1.

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What is a functional specification?

A functional specification as the name suggests is a document that describes the functionality of the application. It helps the engineering team to understand how the user will use the application, product, or feature. …

Being vulnerable is not easy. It is even tougher to be vulnerable at work. Being vulnerable in front of your colleagues, managers, friends at work could be daunting. A while back, one of my colleagues expressed extreme discomfort to share her vulnerabilities with her manager. And I could relate to this feeling. At times, I am very uncomfortable talking about my vulnerabilities while, on other occasions, I am very comfortable being vulnerable with people whom I trust.

So, what is the science behind vulnerability? Why being “vulnerable” is so undervalued? …

Product Management is a profession, a mindset, an art, and a science. And this art, science, & mindset can be developed. There are certain traits that successful product managers exhibit. These are also the traits that an interviewer expects from a candidate who is appearing for a product management interview.

You can read this post as common mistakes that one makes in a product management interview or the mindset and traits of a successful product manager.

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1. Solution Bias

This is the #1 mistake that folks who are not conversant with problem solving may make. Simply put, solution bias is about jumping to…

Leaders are not born, they are made. If you have the right mindset, you can learn traits of leadership. Here are few habits of leaders that I have observed over the years. Some of these traits are essential to succeed as a product manager as well.

1. Be self-aware.

As a leader you need to be self-aware. You should be aware of your strengths, weaknesses, biases, wants, and needs.

I realized that as a product manager, self-awareness is a constant and unending quest. Earlier in my career, I was extremely solution biased where I would often find myself arguing with others over the…

Have you ever questioned whether you are in the right project? Do you feel like you need to move to another product or project and are wondering how to evaluate another team? The answer to the above questions may not be very straight forward and will depend on several factors. But here is a simple framework that I wish to offer that can help you to make the right decision.

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There are primarily 4 criteria that you should consider, while reflecting on the work that you are doing or while switching to a new product:

1. The customer value —…

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